If you are in the area you can find our products at the following local merchants;


  • Sprouts Farmers Market (Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Jenks, Yukon, Stillwater, Bixby and Tulsa,OK)
  • Kamps Meat Market (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Red Dirt Emporium (Oklahoma City, OK (Bricktown))
  • Beef Jerkey Emporium (Edmond, OK and Oklahoma City, OK two locations)
  • Weeza B’s (Atoka, OK)
  • Our Favorite Place (Eufaula, OK)
  • Fiesta Pools & Spas (Tulsa, OK)
  • Rainbow Farms (Ponca City, OK)
  • Savage Trading Company (Yukon, OK)
  • Seredipity (Edmond, OK)


If not please feel free to browse our products and order online so you can enjoy the award winning Mamma Dee’s salsa anywhere and anytime!



We now have the following yummy salsa’s in both fresh and shelf stable versions;


  • Mamma Dee’s Mild – Hot? NOT!
  • Mamma Dee’s Mid-Life Crisis Medium (Kidding Mom!). I meant Mamma Dee’s Medium – This is her original, signature salsa – everyone’s favorite, including hers.
  • Mamma Dee’s Pretty Hot – Jr. thinks it’s not hot enough
  • Jr.’s Super Duper Hot – I think my Mom’s trying to torture my taste buds for giving her so much SAS! Mother, this one is my favorite!